Slow searches but fast p2p sharing

I am experiencing a situation where searches are extremely slow even when no crawling is being executed.
I need to learn how to tweak the settings to make a good balance between searching and sharing over the peer to peer network, but could someone give me a clue or two where to start making searches much faster.
what is happening at the moment is that I type something into the search box
a few of the buttons on the search page appear and then the search appears to stall for anywhere up to ten minutes.
I disabled the linux fireawall (ufw) and tried to sort out what could be slowing search results down but without any luck
If you need any further info pls let me know

I found this very helpful:

“Fraud detection” is ON by default and takes quite a bit of time and processing. At this point in history I’ve found turning this off makes for a vast improvement in performance. I also turned off the feature to delete results from the local index as I found this frustrating when pages would disappear when I wanted to keep them though possibly changed, outdated or reworded or removed from the internet altogether as I am a frequent user of the “Wayback Machine” and YaCy is good for researching old non-existant sites that yet have good information. I can use YaCy to locate an appropriate URL then plug it into the Wayback Machine and get the page where other search engines have deleted the site irretrievably. With this turned off it is possible to retrieve old websites which I find valuable, like lost and forgotten buried treasure, and of course deleting sites from the local index takes some time and processing as well.