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I’m finding some interesting things on the supporter page.

There is a YaCy instance with a very interesting loading method. The way search results are populated. but it only seems available when the peer is online.

Nice. running on unix I presume?

Here is another YaCy site online that has the same interesting search results loading feature. Why doesn’t mine do that? Is it some setting or other I’ve not discovered yet? Anyway, very cool!

Hmmm… that site seems to have suddenly vanished, or became inaccessible.

every peer has that. Just click on “more options” on the search page.

I don’t mean the more options stuff.

I mean when a search is performed, the results appear in a kind of random way, As new results arive they don’t appear just at the bottom of the page but pop up in the middle, or at top, and in a graphical transition. First very small, then the whole block of text grows and pushes the other blocks of text out of the way.

If this is not a YaCy feature, my best guess is it is probably YaCy running on a computer using Compiz Window Manager, which is more and more common pre-installed with Linux these days, and has all kinds of effects that can be applied.

The way the YaCy search results popped up at random like daisies blooming or something was similar to some of these 3D Compiz effects

Here’s a few examples:

Anyway, if there is some setting or other on the search page, I don’t see it.

Edit: One of the YaCy search sites with this unusual loading came back so I screen recorded a search to show what i’m talking about. Is this “Normal”? If it is, I’ve never seen it before. My instance of YaCy never loaded results like this:

ahh – you can switch this on in /ConfigPortal_p.html

“Remote results resorting”

I actually forgot about that feature. I honestly consider to switch it on by default…