Switching between result pages doesn't work without browser cache refresh

I have a nasty problem with the display of the search result pages of my YaCY instance

Switching between the pages with search-results, does not always work correctly without refreshing the browsercache.

There is a wordkaround: With the Firefox-client I have to press F5, shortly after I click on the page numbers below the search result page. If I don’t press on F5, the same page will load again, instead of a new one.
The problem doesn’t appear to exist with seamonkey.

Because my search portal, alterlook.org is used by many external users, mostly wit firefox clients, I would very much like to solve this for all browsers. Is there a way?

Thanks a lot!

Hello! I have the same problem with the navigation between pages of search results. When the results are less than 1000 documents, everything works great. But when more than 1000 documents are found, the links to go to the next page of results disappear, or allow you to reach the end of no more than 10 pages of search results.

Help please. How do I fix this?