The first time the installation was successful. I decided to update. It began to show:

I decided to rearrange. After reinstalling, the overall picture does not change. It’s strange. What could be the reason?

If that is a screenshot of the search page, the raw html is showing, instead of being rendered by the browser. Possibly a missing closing angle bracket?

The “UNRESOLVED_PATTERN” it looks like, should be your base url or root address for your YaCy server, but for some reason the installer was not able to detect or retrieve that information from the host computer’s (server’s) environment variables.

I would think relative url’s would be sufficient based on what I can see.

Does the program work otherwise? Other pages? Admin etc.?

Taking a wild guess. YaCy is written in Java, runs, presumably in a Java virtual machine, which would be the environment.

Perhaps the JVM is an older version, incompatable with the updated YaCy version/installer? It appears, for whatever reason, the installer doesn’t know what address to use for those links.