Upgrading Yacy for windows to github's latest version. Requires Linux

You need to run Linux with git and ant installed.
It would also work on a virtual machine in the cloud if you don’t have a linux pc.

On Windows install do an Export to full XML (Rich and full-text Solr data, one document per line in one large xml

On linux

git clone https://github.com/yacy/yacy_search_server
cd yacy_search_server
ant clean all dist

Do not Start YaCy You can rename the folder to YaCy_fresh eg

Transfer the folder the whole YaCy_fresh to your Windows computer.
You must create a separate install of yacy so you have 2 copies on your windows pc.

Shutdown your windows yacy.
Start your yacy_fresh install and configure the network mode set peer name etc the same as what you are running in windows.

On windows goto the C:\YaCy\DATA\EXPORT and copy the yacy dump XXXX_tc.xml.gz to C:\YaCy_fresh\DATA\SURROGATES\in

It starts importing automatically and when finished the yacy dump file will be in C:\YaCy_fresh\DATA\SURROGATES\out

Check your status you should have your index back.
Shutdown yacy
rename your windows install folder just add “old” to the end of it.
Copy you yacy icon and change the path and working dir to your new install.

Welcome any comments.

Note: I tried overwriting my windows install as a shortcut but it failed I had no backup.