Upgrading.. yacy_v1.92_20161226_9000.tar.gz to latest on Ubuntu

I have yacy installed from this tarball… yacy_v1.92_20161226_9000.tar.gz on Ubuntu.

I see now the latest version for linux is http://latest.yacy.net/yacy_v1.922_20191013_9964.tar.gz

So, that looks like a much newer version, so I think I should upgrade.

The question I have is: Will I lose all the data from the 4000 sites I have already crawled?

Or can I just leave the DATA folder in place and untar on top of the existing folders?


Yes, that should work. All your index data and configuration files are in the data folder. Maybe create a backup just to be on the safe side.

Alternatively, you can update from within the yacy admin interface

Thanks for being the first person to reply to any of my questions on this forum!!
Yah, I saw the admin interface method as well but whats not clear is whether that will preserve the existing data.
If the wiki pages were available I might have been able to investigate this question myself, but as they are down I am reduced to asking questions here.

If have had experience of either of these upgrade methods it would be great to be reassured that the data is preserved. I have spent two weeks indexing 1.5 million documents and would hate to lose them.

Thanks again.

No problem! Most definitely you wont lose any data during updating, unless something bad happens. It’s always good to have backups, so I recommend to create a tar.gz archive of your data directory and copy it to an external disk.

Some wiki pages are available on the wayback machine:

Wow, thanks!
I would never have thought of using the wayback machine.