Why do I lose a large percentage of my index when I switch to community-based search mode?

I have an index of 120,000+ pages that I collected while YaCy was in “Search portal for your own web pages” mode. When I switch it to “Community-based web search” mode to become part of the network, my local index shrinks to about 15,000 documents. When I switch it back to “Search portal for your own web pages” mode it can suddenly search all of the 120,000+ documents again.

How do I make it use my large index also in “Community-based web search” mode?

Edit: It seems like both profiles have a separate index. Is there a way to merge them?

The indexes are separate indexes. If you switch the network, you switch the index.

Is there a way to merge them somehow?

15000 documents are crawled easily, you can just aquire them again

The goal is actually to get the 120,000+ pages from my ‘own webpages’ index into the ‘community search’ index, so it’s the other way around. I take it that this is not possible though. Thanks for your answers :slight_smile: