Will a 32 bit computer work for YACY?

I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 which is a 32 bit computer. It has an 80gb hd and 1gb of RAM. Will it be able to run YACY?
Please know that I speak only English.
Thank you

Yes, it will work.
But this is close to the minimum possible limit. The memory will be often overflow.

For practical work, it is very desirable to expand the memory to at least 2 GB.

With 1 GB of memory, you will be able to have an index of approximately 8GB (about 100,000 documents). If the index is significantly larger, then YaCy will slow down and hang.

On a resource size similar to yours, I have a YaCy peer running under Windows XP, 32 bit.

Perhaps all this would work more efficiently under Linux, I haven’t tried it.

My intention is indeed to install Linux on this machine. I’m not sure which Linux would be preferable. Obviously a distro that is very frugal on resources. Do you have any recommendations?

Another question - is it possible to break down the search into chunks. By that I mean, search and collect no more than 10,000 results and stop. At that point I will go over the results. I will then start another search limited to 10,000 results but excluding the urls already visited. Is this possible? Would that be preferable given my hardware limitations?

If you only need the search function, then there is no restriction on this, the search for already indexed documents will work even with an even smaller resource.
Restrictions arise during indexing: when you scan the pages of some site (perhaps still unknown to the search engine) to collect your own database (index).
With a small resource, it will be difficult to operate with too large an index.
Remember that YaCy has a distributed index, so if you don’t have your own index, then the index stored on other peers will be used for the search, if the searched is present in it.

Collecting the index (crawling) in parts is possible, this is how my peer works. But it will not be in automatic mode, you will have to manually stop and start the crawler, or write a script for this.

Regarding Linux, there are a lot of posts about it on the forum, but I didn’t deal with it.

Thank you so much for your help. I want to learn as much as I can about YaCy before installing it. Could you possibly point out to me good resources that go into detail about the various aspects of YaCy?

There is no detailed guide to YaCy, in any language.
We all together beg the author, who is present on the forum under the nickname @Orbiter, to write a manual, but the author does not seem to be going to do this((((


Thank you so much