Write Helm charts to have Yacy easily installable on kubeapps

Dear devs, first thanks a lot for working on open source web indexing, that’s a much needed tool & service!

I am not a full-skilled developer nor sysadmin so I try to contribute but I don’t have much experience.

In the last days, I have been exploring the option to use kubeapps - github repo as a way ease self-hosting of webapps and services (for devs who need databases as backend and other webservices).

Kubeapps uses Helm charts to enable installing apps. Is there already a Helm chart available for Yacy or Yacy Grid?


Thank you for your answer.

Heroku is nice but I would like to avoid being locked in one cloud provider.

I guess writing a chart helm is then something to be done. I am not going to do it very soon but I consider doing it this year.

Well this is an interesting topic.
@jibe-b sorry for the late answer but this topic was not on my list so far.
I believe we should provide a helm chart but I am new to this.
Would you be able to provide some knowledge/help/testing?