YaCy Browser Extension

Which browsers support a YaCy web extension?
Popularizing YaCy by creating an extension would be one way to widen the userbase.
I think that if such an extension is developed, it should be coded in such a way that it chooses at random from a regularly updated list of public YaCy servers.

Also, please enable the creation of new tags for posts.

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Any progress on a YaCy browser extension?

If not, does anybody have details that can be shared to provide access to a publicly searchable instance of YaCy?

If you didn’t find a solution and if by browser extension do you mean or you need having YaCy accessible from search bar, you can use Firefox.
Simple navigate to your peer and from the 3 dots menu in the search bar you can add YaCy as your default search engine.
More details can be found on the mozilla support page.


My thought as to what a browser extension should do is to automatically submit sites visited by the browser user to be indexed by YaCy.

The purpose of this would be to help index as much of the web as possible. If that results in too much crawling activity then there could be a way to adjust that like only submitting every tenth site visited by the browser.

I found YaCy because I was thinking there ought to be a way to index everyone’s browser cache and use that as the data for a search engine. If your browser has seen it, why can’t my browser ask your browser (anonymously) for a pointer?

I hope to keep https://search.domain.glass available as a public instance of YaCy. Currently just a single docker instance with limited capacity so time will tell how it scales.