Yacy don't work good

After lot of time trying to make yacy work i’ll stop because it will never work on “small” computers, i’ve installed it on my aspire E17, with 32gb of memory and 16gb for yacy, yacy on a ssd hard drive of 1TO in usb c only for yacy and always the same problem after 5millions of webpages it can’t be launched again it seem always load (and i’ve waited 24h to yacy load but it still show loading in the icon after 24h…), the disk is not full, yacy use ~1/3 of the disk !

And other problem when it worked it stop responding after many hours, i need to stop and restart, and i can never use my yacy installation to search on yacy when its crawling it never work and my computer is not slow at all, i can launch other big applications at the same time wihout any probleme like chrome, visual studio at the same time…

You can see in the list of the yacy peers a lot of them don’t have mote than 1millions of webpages, it’s because with standart installation on normal computer, you can’t do more it stop responding and working at ~1m of webpages.

yacy is not a good alternative, a good idea but it cant be used by a lot of people on standart computers.

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@bubul01 for this I will provide some accessible YaCy peers and a search portal based on MetaGer - so I will make it possible to use it to anyone who won’t use Google or other data farming companies.

I know what you mean, on local hardware it’s not good to use it. Providing Q1/2020 >4 Peers is a way to support YaCy how much I can. In half a week I indexed more than 1.2 Million websites on one server. So I think it should be possible to reach a noteable count in one month.

I know, not every can provide so much hardware, but in my opinion it should not necessary. Maybe it would be useful to provide a overview of public useable peers.

it works by default on linux but resources is must our machine is 12 cores 24 gb ram
you get a good work station on ebay for 300 dollars

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