Yacy Index in network share

I just setup a yacy peer in a docker container on a virtual server at Hetzner. Storage there is rather expensive and I think needlessly high performant.

I am thinking about moving the index part of the data directory to a network share (which would be a lot cheaper, think 10x). My train of thought is, that the index is only acccessed on searching, and that takes a bit longer because of the p2p structure anyway, so I think there is no harm in moving that.
However I don’t know if my theory is correct. Is the INDEX/freeworld/SEGEMENTS folder accessed for anything other than writing the index after a page is crawled and searching it on a user queue? And am I correct that the network latency for that is not that big of a deal?

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Hi, it could be correct, don’t know about anyone who tried.
Let’s try and see, maybe you find something new!