YaCy is great - let's find out

Hello to this great community!
I have YaCy installed in a Debian VM for 4 days, so I’m really new into this.
After these days some questions came into my mind:

1 Where can I find a manual with all the features explained (the official website appears to be oriented on installation process and some terms explenation)?
2 What about privacy, since
- the entire Portal where Index Browser is exposed to public access (no way to disable Portal on port 8090, it would be nice to have it accessible only on https 8443 and 8090 being only for p2p comunication. In this way I can decide for myself if I want to expose it or not)
- location of users is shown under Peer-to-Peer Network -> Active Principal & Senior Peers (I have seen users that have location hidden, how can it be done?)
- blog, wiki, profile can’t be turned off and this leads directly to your host(http://externalIP:8090), where your external ip is exposed to other peers
3 How indexed websites can be auto-updated since there are a lot of news websites/blogs that are posting daily?

It is a very great project and it’s sad to not have a good way to customize all these settings.
I will continue using it but the lack of documentation makes me think that not many users will.

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I think I found a way to keep the websites updated daily.
Under Production -> Index Export/Import -> RSS Importer we can load RSS feeds of the desired website (if the website deliver content through RSS) and make a Schedule for it.

The drawback is that we don’t have a proper representation of the actual scheduled websites.
It will be nice to be listed (in a table with website name | scheduler frequency | status) all the scheduled websites with the possibility to enable/disable scheduler for each website.

For now there is no way to see which website has scheduler enabled and this can be a little bit confusing when adding new RSS sources.


So after more digging trough YaCy menus I found one great way to automate Crawling.
Monitoring - Crawler Monitor - Crawler Steering - Scheduler and Profile Editor
After you have crawled some websites they will appear in a list where it is possible to automate crawling for each website that you have indexed.
I will test this out and see how it’s working