YaCy Multiple Drive Awareness

In what ways is YaCy able to take into account different drives?

Is it possible to have YaCy intelligently distribute the files it creates across multiple drives? This might be useful so that it is not restricted to the maximum capacity of a single drive. It also might be useful to ensure that YaCy can continue writing files to multiple disks. If one disk fails, hopefully YaCy would be able to continue working well without that disk. Maybe one drive could be used for indexing required by one client, and another drive for indexing requested by a different organization.

It’s a question of the solr behind, but I never tried.
I tried to run several instances which share their solr as a shard, but this only leads to instability.
In the meantime I use a metasearch engine and different independant YaCy instances behind.
Split your starturls over your instances.