YaCy on Cloudron - Easy Deployment

Please support one-click deployment of YaCy on Cloudron.

You are invited to join the thread here:

Cloudron is a tool to make deploying web-facing applications like YaCy easy. You can see just how easy it is in the demo at the website (user: cloudron password: cloudron):

The bulk of the work to one-click deploy YaCy has already been completed, as there is a YaCy Docker image:

There is a helpful explainer and video on how to complete the remaining stages here:

By reducing friction to deploying YaCy, many more people would be able to run the engine and contribute results to the network, increasing the value of YaCy for everybody.

If you have the skills, please make this happen and introduce yourself on the Cloudron thread.


just fyi, Yacy also run’s on Yunohost, which is similar to Cloudron. Of couse having support for Cloudrun would be even better cause that potentially reach a diffent user group.