YaCy on Windows 7

I use a firewall called simplewall and i do not know what things to do. I just installed YaCy and nothing appears. I might have to make a rule on the firewall but i do not know how. There is multiple options such as ''Rule (remote), Rule (local), direction(outbound/inbound), protocol(tcp i guess?) and family(any, IPv4 or IPv6).

If “nothing appears” there is some problem other than the firewall.

YaCy, initially, takes a very long time to start up, but when it eventually does, it should open in a browser window, even if not connected to the internet at all, I believe.

If literally nothing appears, possibly YaCy cannot find your default browser. If you don’t have a default browser or are running a new or uncommon browser YaCy does not recognize, it might not be able to open the browser automatically.

Try starting YaCy, start your web browser, then navigate to the YaCy search page by entering the url http://localhost:8090 manually. (Or If you are reading this and YaCy is running on your machine, just follow that link http://localhost:8090 )

I had a similar problem running Brave browser.

It is assumed you did a standard windows installation and did not change any settings and at least have Java installed and there is a YaCy icon on the desktop to double click to start YaCy.

If you haven’t gotten even that far, and absolutely nothing appears, not even a desktop icon, then something else is wrong, like your antivirus or firewall settings aren’t allowing Java to be downloaded, or, I can only guess.

У меня наблюдалось такое поведение YaCy, когда я разрешил в брандмауэре ТОЛЬКО порт 8090 для всех адресов.

Оказывается, что по адресу localhost используется множество различных портов, и если брандмауэр не пропускает такие обращения, то YaCy стартовать вообще не будет. Не появится значок в трее, не откроется окно браузера.

Следует создать в браузере правило для YaCy, открывающее все порты (0-65535) по удаленному адресу localhost (