YaCy Search Forks

I’m becoming aware that there seems to be some (how many?) forks of YaCy with different features and functionality, apparently running on or utilizing the same peer-to-peer YaCy network.

For example:


sarchy also appears in the listing when I open “Active Principal and Senior Peers in ‘freeworld’ Network” in administration.

How many forks are there and how are they different than YaCy?

Searchy seems to produce results quite different from my personal YaCy instance.

Github lists a total of 184 YaCy “forks”:

Are these actually different versions of YaCy or just instances or what exactly?

Looks like this is just yet another YaCy instance. Depending on version it is running and depending on configuration this may indeed behaves quite differently.

github forks are ment for developers, you just fork source code. It does not mean you do have actual running instance of it. Some of those hacks may be even merged back to main YaCy depending on developers of course.

Thanks for the response. I might like to create an actual YaCy fork that is Perl based.

I have found Perl’s pre-compiled regular expressions capability invaluable for conceptual indexing and searching. With that I can create an interface that allows a user to create a customized multi-faceted regex to search through the index.

I’m not familiar enough with other languages to know if this is possible in any other language.