YaCy usage survey - Why and how do you use YaCy?

Hi All,

A little bit provocative question.
I would be happy to learn WHY and HOW do you guys use YaCy?
What are your expectations of a modern search engine?
Do you have any pain points when using YaCy?



YaCy is easy to setup. Ugly front end that I dont want to use. YaCy provides an “API” that allows me to use the front end that I want. Other than that it is a great search solution.

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Let’s put it another way.
Do you have any project in production that uses YaCy as a search engine?

I don’t think it looks so bad with the darker themes on Portal settings.

For my own use case, I am interested in YaCy for privacy and opsec rationale. Having a local index completely side steps all the issues involved with trying to use commercial search engines in a “private” manner.

I don’t expect it to have any kind of top notch results, just okay enough to help me find things I might have otherwise missed on these larger commercial engines that manipulate (or worse, censor) their results.

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Update, March 2022: Duckduckgo has begun censoring (deranking) their results for political purposes. “Unbiased search results” they used to say…

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