Yacy version 1.925/9749 for Windows Download and basic installer zip package some interaction required. Needs Testng

Sure Why not.

Start here. This is for fresh installs of yacy only.

You have to be logged in as Admin or java wont install.

I have a temporary host for awhile so YaCy_1.925_9749.zip
Right click save as.

Once downloaded use Windows to Extract all files to **c:\ **
Goto c:\YaCy and double click install_yacy_1.925_9749
Then the Java installer runs but there is a warning but install it anyway.
Wait for yacy to start and then do the configuration setup.
There is a icon named YACY which is shortcut that needs to be copied to your desktop.

If you want to install yacy as a service to have for all users just shutdown YaCy first then run installYaCyWindowsService I will test soon.

Hope that all makes some sort of sense I welcome any comments.

Hey, great!
Can you please describe how you created the release?

I cloned yacy from github in linux Ubuntu.
I built it with ant ensuring not to start it.
Renamed the folder to YaCy.
Added windows java install to RELEASEJAVA folder.
Added batch file and shortcut to install java and start yacy.
Added YaCy icon to start in windows with correct path.
Removed .git and .github folders.
Added Batch file to reload CMD environment after installing java.
Zipped the YaCy folder with linux.

Transfer the zip file to Windows and Extracted all to c:
Run the shortcut to the batch file to install java and start yacy.

There is an upgrade path rough if you can follow my notes.
The problem is solr 6.6 to 8.8.1 has to be done with export import.


Hope that helps.

Sync and push some changes to https://github.com/smokingwheels/yacy_search_server

I have created my own compiled copy of yacy where I can try things and learn about yacy.


Not sure if this is ok for github but solves the problem of hosting the file some where.

Updated now have 2 versions of Java that you can install.

can you please test the windows releases in https://release.yacy.net/ because I actually have no windows available right now and producted the release with the nsis installer. I don’t know if that does anything good right now.

Sure no problem. I did it live.

The time it takes is to install is all about the same.

The Release.yacy.net.

My Release from download at github failed but minor.
Only good for first install no upgrades. The shortcuts where to the wrong place.

My Release from host was ok.

You need to Include Java 8 MSI file in the release EXE file.

Install Java 8 with these options.
msiexec /i OpenJDK8U.msi ADDLOCAL=FeatureMain,FeatureEnvironment,FeatureJarFileRunWith,FeatureJavaHome,FeatureOracleJavaSoft /norestart /log install.log

Run a bat file to refresh the Registry.

Continue with install and start yacy or the option to.