YaCy with pi-hole?

Thanks to the team for this very promising project.

I just installed it on a Raspberry Pi (RPi-B) model to test it out. On this RPi, I’m also running pi-hole, which is used as DNS server over the lan. I’ve set up a fix (static) IP address to RPi, which is used by pi-hole.

I’ve followed all the documentation while installing YaCy, but I don’t know how to access it, or even check if it is working or not. Any hint/clue?

My assumption is, you would need to open a command line terminal. YaCy starts up in, I think, whatever the system uses as a default browser.

I’m not familiar with Raspberry Pi or pi-hole enough to know if that is relevant or helpful to your situation.

I start YaCy on my MX Linux box with ./startYACY.sh as per the installation instructions on the YaCy home page.YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqJuf_EA1UE

I had to pause the video to get that code which is only displayed for an instant.

I was able to create a launcher on my desktop to keep from having to open a command line and navigate to the right directory and type in the code. This was relatively simple with MX Linux.

Raspberry Pi is hardware. What OS are you running?

Thank you for replying.

On Raspberry Pi (RPi), I’m using default Raspbian OS.

Yes, I did start YaCy from command line (using startYACY.sh from its directory, as I had carefully followed the instructions from the website).

The issue is that pihole uses the IP address of RPi as the DNS server. So when I go to the IP address of the machine (RPi), where YaCy and pihole both are installed, I get pihole console admin, and I see no possibility to see the progress (indexing) of YaCy by using the same IP address.

Using pi-hole for YaCy is an excellent idea! I used pi-hole on a RPi and found that pi-hole is an excellent piece of software!

So using pi-hole for YaCy is not a question of YaCy set-up, it’s only a question on how to set up the underlying operation system which is running YaCy. You just need to configure the DNS system to use the pi-hole server.